Wirklich natürliches Schönheitsprodukte: Tonerde & Heilerde

Alumina (or medicinal/healing clay, as they are called today) has been used since ancient times – and probably much earlier! This makes it without doubt the most natural hygiene product there is. But it is certainly also the healthiest product for the care of skin and hair. Alumina has the ability to absorb the smallest impurities and odours and to make the skin particularly soft and clean as well as to close the pores. As a face mask, it gently cleans greasy skin. Here its pore-closing effect can also unfold fully. If it is applied to the skin, clay can also be used to soothe sunburn.

It can also be used indirectly in body care: If you sprinkle the powder in the bath water, it makes the water nice and soft. You will experience bathing not only as a relaxing moment, but also as a natural, healthy and soothing one.

A wide range of hygienic applications for medicinal clay

Alumina does not only have a pleasant effect on the body. Alumina can also be placed in the refrigerator, in the pantry and even in the shoe cabinet, where it neutralises odours in an amazing way. Without further aids, you can create a pleasant fragrance in your home.
Centuries-old application possibilities and modern knowledge combined result in many possibilities of the application in the household and with the body hygiene – completely without chemistry!

At Orkos, for example, we offer green clay called “Illite”. We have Illite in coarse form and as powder. The name derives from Illinois, the area of America in which the Native American people of the same name lived.

In addition, other clays are also available in our shop. The yellow, white or red clays obtain their coloration in a completely natural way through the different minerals contained. You can obtain the different earths at our company in powder form. For example, ask for “Ghassoul”. This is a healing clay that is ideal for hair and face care!

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