The earth, together with the oceans, is probably the most precious resource on earth. It is the source of all terrestrial life and plays an important role in maintaining the balance on the planet. Soil, topsoil, humus, dirt is complex, vulnerable and rare. And yet it is increasingly threatened, especially by improper agricultural practices. Monocultures and too much fertilizer cause soils to lose their nutrients. Or they can even become impoverished, acidified or otherwise out of balance. Or erosion even occurs, valuable layers of soil are carried away by wind and water, leaving infertile wasteland or hostile deserts.

We can preserve the earth
We believe that each of us has the power to turn the tide. Each of us can say no. No to the destruction of soil and life. Everyone can actively contribute to the protection of the soil and with it, the source of all life on our planet. We have this power because we can choose what we eat. We can support the food industry with its destructive techniques – or we can support those farmers who also know that the soil is not just their basis for their life, but for all of us. Let’s support those farmers and producers who have the courage and intelligence to defy market conformity and rapid profit. Farmers who work in a way that preserves their living soil. By supporting these farmers, we are helping to ensure that our planet remains a place worth living in.

That’s why all Orkos products are free of any synthetic chemicals and meet the organic criteria.

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