Die heißbegehrten frischen Barhi-Datteln

Summer is coming to an end and this is the time when Orkos customers are particularly attentive. Because they don’t want to miss this event, which only happens once a year, for the world: the season of the much sought-after fresh Barhi dates!
This Barhee date (as it is also spelled often) is still harvested yellow and firm and left at the panicle. This distinguishes this delicacy from other dates that are harvested fully ripe. It is very rare to enjoy them in this state of ripeness, because the season in their country of origin, Iran, is short. That also makes it so precious.
The Barhi date is still slightly crunchy at this time and its aromas remind of delicious white chocolate. Some say that the aroma even goes in the direction of vanilla ice cream with caramel sauce.

Let Barhi dates ripen for further enjoyment

You can also eat Barhi dates when they are just ripe. Even then they are still quite different from the dates that are usually available throughout the year: tenderly melting, almost juicy, with a taste of milk caramel – simply a dream …
To let them ripen completely, put the dates in the fridge – they don’t ripen well in the dry, warm air. Leave some ripe dates on the panicle. This activates the ripening of the other fruits. When it turns brown and soft, the Barhi date is ripe and has developed another facet of its complex taste.
Like all dates, the Barhi date also supports muscle work. This makes it an efficient source of energy for physical and sporting activities that require a lot of endurance, such as hiking or cycling. This makes it the perfect date for late summer.
The Barhi date can be stored cool and dry for one to two weeks.
The season of this speciality lasts only a short time. So grab it quickly as long as you can get it!

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