Live food,
with perfectly preserved authentic flavours...

Orkos Quality

To rediscover the flavours of authenticity.

Fresh fruits

Rediscover the true flavour of fruit...

Pure and fresh, just like nature itself!

Orkos offers you the experience of a truly authentic tasting, and the pleasure that you would feel by picking fruit yourself in a virgin nature. For over thirty years, we have been passionate about pure flavours, not transformed by human hands. Some of our products are harvested directly from the wild, and the others come from small family and traditional farms that have chosen to cultivate in healthy and living soils. Most fruits are harvested as late as possible, so that they reach the full development of their aromas, and are delivered within the following week, to avoid long stays in cold storage. Taste the difference! A quality unique in Europe, for an authentic food, source of pleasure and health.


The enchanted sweets from the land of a thousand and one nights.

Oriental delights!

We are very proud of our many varieties of dates with captivating flavours. Grown by small farmers using traditional farming methods, Orkos dates are of a very special quality. They are 100% natural, they do not undergo any of the many treatments reserved for ordinary dates. Some varieties - our "tender" dates are exclusive to Orkos, and a delicacy not to be missed: harvested a little earlier than usual, they are delicately tender and reveal fascinating bouquets of aromas, sometimes reminiscent of coffee, chocolate or iced chestnut.
Don't miss our big annual action, which takes place every year towards the end of October.

Dried fruits

Concentrated, unprocessed flavours.

Carefully dried at room temperature.

All our dried fruits have the same purity characteristics as the other products in the range, and are dried by ventilation at room temperature, below 40°C or by drying on the tree, entirely natural under the effect of the climate, as for example in the case of our dates. In the absence of any chemical treatment, the appearance of our dried fruit may sometimes seem unusual. This is the case, for example, of our dried apricots, which do not have the usual yellow colour, obtained by the food industry by treatment with sulphur vapours.


The largest selection of nature's best sources of fat.

A festival of true flavours.

Truly virgin oilseeds are rare, if not unavailable on store shelves. When they are not roasted or salted, they are systematically dried at too high a temperature, which alters the natural structure of proteins and lipids. We have assembled for you a large choice of perfectly virgin seeds, dried at room temperature, always below 40°C. Taste our cashews, our pistachios, our cedar pine nuts, our macadamia nuts... We also have every year delicious fresh hazelnuts and almonds, still tender, milky and delicately scented.


The benefits of the sea, as if you were there.

algue carnosa sechee 001_2-min

The true treasures of the ocean.

Regarded nowadays as a food of the future, algae that can be found on the market are unfortunately almost systematically hot dried, after having been rinsed with fresh water, a treatment that the cells of the algae, adapted to a salty environment, cannot tolerate. Indeed, under the effect of osmotic pressure, these burst by turgidity, to the detriment of its natural aromas. Our algae are rinsed with sea water and dried at room temperature, in order to preserve all their qualities and their virtues for health. We also sometimes offer fresh seaweed, harvested in the Atlantic only a few days before delivery.

Hive products

Rare honeys, in pots or in combs, natural pollen, propolis...

All the strength of wild honey.

Our honeys have a quality very close to that of a wild honey. They come from regions far from pollution sources, the bees do not receive any artificial feeding, and the honey is extracted cold, without extractor, by means of a very gentle centrifugation. Also try our honey comb, to combine pure flavours with the pleasure of tasting a honey in its raw state, as found at the exit of the hive, with well characterized perfumes because not mixed. We offer combs rich in pure honey or combs rich in pollen, naturally mixed with honey.