Peru: South America in all its glory
Peru is a country in western South America. It borders Ecuador and Colombia to the north, Brazil to the east and Bolivia and Chile to the south. What makes Peru so special are the different landscapes that can be discovered here. In the west, a long coastline stretches over thousands of kilometres to the Pacific Ocean. Most people are settled here, also the capital Lima is located here. Directly at the coastline the Andes stretch from Chile and Bolivia up to Ecuador. In this long mountain range you can also find the fascinating Machu Picchu. Behind the Andes in the direction of Brazil and Colombia finally huge areas of tropical rain forest extend. Unfortunately, this became smaller and smaller due to large agricultural clearing.

Peru has always made adventurers dream. The country, which was once inhabited by the Incas, offers an incredible diversity of species, regions of untouched nature and a population with deeply rooted traditions. For generations, people have lived in harmony with the tropical forests and their complex ecosystems, passing on the wealth of knowledge they have accumulated to their children. Agriculture is also shaped by traditions. The term “organic” has no meaning for the farmers, because the fruits have always been grown without chemicals or pesticides.

Modern agriculture with its synthetic aids has not even reached the many regions of Peru where the Orkos producers live. There grow natural, wonderfully sweet golden pineapples, Lucuma sapotene, which remind of delicious cakes, Physalis, which are harvested directly from the forest. Our grenadilles grow in impassable mountain regions that cannot be reached by car. When fully ripe, they are harvested by hand in the early morning and then carried back to the villages by donkeys. From there they are brought to Europe in Orkos quality.

Peru is a land of dreams and longing. It is important that we recognize the value of old cultures and also of the country and support the people who stand up for the preservation of these things!

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