Thailand: A land of pure magic

Thailand – Foreign cultures and traditions Thailand is undoubtedly one of the richest countries in the world, both because of its variety of fruits and because of its deeply rooted traditions and hoarded knowledge. Once you have visited Thailand, you will immediately see the close connection between advanced technology and the beliefs rooted in the hearts of the people. This […]

Peru and its natural and traditional plantations

Peru: South America in all its glory Peru is a country in western South America. It borders Ecuador and Colombia to the north, Brazil to the east and Bolivia and Chile to the south. What makes Peru so special are the different landscapes that can be discovered here. In the west, a long coastline stretches over thousands of kilometres to […]

The “good” and the “bad” sugars

There are articles on the Internet claiming to denounce the myth of good and bad sugars, and claiming that there are no “bad” sugars. When you look more closely, you quickly realize that these sites are written by the sugar industry, which takes care to defend its interests, of course… No one disputes today that excess sugars are the main […]

Autumn – the colorful season begins

2018 was a summer that we will never forget. Rarely have we had so few rainy days in Germany and those who were able to escape their workplace from time to time had the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful warm weather. However, many plants suffered from the long lasting drought. So it is not so wrong that the hot summer […]

Topsoil and Mother Earth

The earth, together with the oceans, is probably the most precious resource on earth. It is the source of all terrestrial life and plays an important role in maintaining the balance on the planet. Soil, topsoil, humus, dirt is complex, vulnerable and rare. And yet it is increasingly threatened, especially by improper agricultural practices. Monocultures and too much fertilizer cause [...]

Mangos from Spain: The season has started again!

Originally native to the forests of Pakistan, India and Burma, mango is now cultivated in most tropical regions around the globe. Thanks to an extraordinary micro-climate and fertile and living soils, our producer is also able to cultivate demanding plants in Spain. These include, among many other plants, the evergreen mango trees. Therefore we are very happy to present you […]

The ancient aromas of the forest

The equatorial rainforests are living treasure troves for various plant species. In these fascinating regions you can find the oldest fruits in the world, some of which can be dated back to the Cretaceous period (145–66 million years ago!). In these categories belong fruits like the cempedak, the durian or the jackfruit. A journey of taste into the green primeval […]

Return from Mexico!

We have a partner in Mexico with whom we have been working for a long time. This producer has his cultivation areas in a subtropical zone where there is a lot of rainfall, at an altitude of 400 to 1000 meters above sea level. He has a respectful attitude towards life in all his actions and actions. Therefore, his territory […]

Fresh Barhi dates from Iran: Let’s go!

Summer is coming to an end and this is the time when Orkos customers are particularly attentive. Because they don’t want to miss this event, which only happens once a year, for the world: the season of the much sought-after fresh Barhi dates! This Barhee date (as it is also spelled often) is still harvested yellow and firm and left […]

Truly natural beauty products: Clay and healing earths

Alumina (or medicinal/healing clay, as they are called today) has been used since ancient times – and probably much earlier! This makes it without doubt the most natural hygiene product there is. But it is certainly also the healthiest product for the care of skin and hair. Alumina has the ability to absorb the smallest impurities and odours and to […]