Since humans are humans, they constantly adapt their environment for ever greater safety or comfort. But insidiously, this ever-increasing mastery of Nature has also modified his perception of it. Humans no longer see themselves as a part of the Whole, as a temporary and fragile expression of a multiform and infinitely changing Nature, which constantly dies and is reborn in other forms. Today, there are humans, and an environment from which they feel separated, and which must be controlled to satisfy their needs. With the passage of time, thanks to their increasingly sophisticated technology, humans have upset age-old natural balances, have seen forests, soils and living beings disappear and are endangering their own children. Will their technology enable them to lead Nature into a new state of equilibrium? There is reason to doubt it. Wouldn’t our future be better if we managed to use this technology today, not for our comfort and our security illusions, but for the benefit of Nature as a whole? By restoring biodiversity and soil protection to their rightful place, we want to contribute with all our strength to this return to balance. Thank you for being with us!

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