Nature in the service of humans?

Since humans are humans, they constantly adapt their environment for ever greater safety or comfort. But insidiously, this ever-increasing mastery of Nature has also modified his perception of it. Humans no longer see themselves as a part of the Whole, as a temporary and fragile expression of a multiform and infinitely changing Nature, which constantly dies and is reborn in […]

Give up chemistry to save insects, plants and the health of our children.

Since the end of the First World War, plant diversity in Europe has been decreasing at a dizzying rate. The same is true for insects: every year, hundreds of species disappear from our landscapes. As everyone knows, there is a close interdependence between pollinating insects and flowering plants. The decline of one of the two members of this symbiosis inevitably […]

Germination: An unexpected source of life!

Sprouted seeds are a healthy food, cheap and available all year round. Their nutritional profile also surpasses that of virtually all foods. For long-distance sailors, for whom they are particularly appreciated, they are a space-saving, easy to preserve food that provides an unlimited supply of fresh food, rich in vitamins and minerals. The preparation of germinated seeds is simple and […]