Herbst - autumn

2018 was a summer that we will never forget. Rarely have we had so few rainy days in Germany and those who were able to escape their workplace from time to time had the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful warm weather. However, many plants suffered from the long lasting drought. So it is not so wrong that the hot summer slowly gives way to autumn.

Autumn and its fruits

While in our country the trees are wrapped in a colourful dress of leaves, the harvest time begins in the growing areas of our producers. Especially in the orchards of Spain, the trees are full to bursting with various delicacies. The mango season of our Spanish producer is in full swing and so delicious varieties like Kensington, Osteen, Irwin or Tommy Atkins are available. The delicious Jujube, whose taste reminds of fine dates, is available this week for the first time again. Soon there will also be the many Kaki varieties, which will sweeten the autumn and the pre-Christmas season for all of us.

In a few weeks, Orkos will be back with the delicious fresh walnuts, which are currently still filling up with the last rays of summer sunshine. Our big date campaign is also approaching, with which we can once again offer a huge assortment of small oriental pearls. Of course everything is delivered in the typical Orkos quality. The arrival of our fresh Barhi dates has been delayed a little so far, so that the fruits can still ripen a little on the tree. However, this speciality should be available by the second week of November at the latest.

The end of summer will make the days a little shorter again. But one should not despair even in wind and weather. We are happy to deliver the sun to your door and with enough vitamins and the right people in your own environment, autumn will also be one of the most beautiful seasons ever.

This autumn we can also be found again at the Rohvolution® raw food fair. It is always a pleasure for us to get to know our customers personally and we look forward to welcoming you at our stand in the Stadthalle Speyer at the end of September.

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