Fans of this legendary fruit know this well. It is in May, when it is in full season, that its aromas reach their full development and an incomparable intensity. Moreover, thanks to the hulling carried out in Thailand, the elements of less quality are removed, and only the parts chosen for their aroma and their maturity are dispatched, in order to avoid any bad surprise at the arrival. For those who are not yet initiated to the pleasures of this so particular fruit, know that you can, by tasting episodic small quantities, trigger a kind of awakening of your body. Many did and then wondered how they could have done without such a delight for so long.

Grown without synthetic chemistry, harvested ripe, not frozen, durian is one of Orkos’ specialities. We generally offer different varieties, including the famous Morn Thong, and others less known. All our durians are available either as whole fruit or peeled in 500g trays.

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