Originally native to the forests of Pakistan, India and Burma, mango is now cultivated in most tropical regions around the globe. Thanks to an extraordinary micro-climate and fertile and living soils, our producer is also able to cultivate demanding plants in Spain. These include, among many other plants, the evergreen mango trees. Therefore we are very happy to present you the new season of these mangoes again this year! The short transport route is good for the climate. So biological know-how and a lot of love for the plants help to protect nature, which originally gave us these delicious fruits.
But don’t miss this opportunity: Spanish mangoes are available from September and only until November. Let all your senses be inspired by the many varieties, tastes and sizes before the season is over.

First bloom mangos = first class mangos

The secret lies in the selection of the right fruits. The fruits of the first bloom have been available since the beginning of September. Although they are smaller, they are of higher quality than the specimens that grow from the second bloom. So don’t hesitate for long. The selection of varieties we can offer you is something to be proud of – get involved with this variety!
Discover, for example, the small Kensington mangos with their bright orange flesh and unique lemony nuance in taste. Or how about the Irwin mango with its beautiful yellow-red colour? Both are very popular on the local markets on the Iberian Peninsula. But not all varieties are mentioned yet. Then there are the hotly anticipated Zill (extremely juicy and almost fibre-free), Osteen (as sweet as a honey candy), Ataulfo (with a pleasant flowery scent) mango and many others. We hope you enjoy trying this variety!

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