In Mexico we cooperate with a producer located in a subtropical zone with a lot of rainfall, at an altitude of 400 to 100 meters. Generally very respectful of life, he prefers an amazing variety in his area, in which the wild flora and fauna mix with the plantations in a permaculture.
At present there is the Sapote Mamey, whose trees can grow up to 50 meters high, in season. It is a very popular fruit whose rough skin encloses a nutritious flesh with orange, red and brown tones. Its taste is reminiscent of marzipan or chocolate.
Despite the meteorological uncertainties, you can also look forward to small, fragrant wild berries: the Chacungas, which can be eaten well with peel, as well as the beautiful Sapote Chico with tender fruit flesh. Also worth mentioning are the avocados Hass, which hung on the tree for a long time and are therefore wonderfully buttery. Benefit from the season of these excellent fruits, which we receive so rarely. Because the imponderables of international freight traffic unfortunately force us to order small quantities.

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