Mexico, the return!

In Mexico we cooperate with a producer located in a subtropical zone with a lot of rainfall, at an altitude of 400 to 100 meters. Generally very respectful of life, he prefers an amazing variety in his area, in which the wild flora and fauna mix with the plantations in a permaculture. At present there is the Sapote Mamey, whose […]

Mangos from Spain: The season starts again!

Originally native to the forests of Pakistan and Burma, mango is now cultivated in most tropical regions. Thanks to an exceptional micro-climate and fertile and lively soils, our producer is also able to grow delicious mangoes and other fruits in Spain. We are pleased to announce another year of the new season of these mangos, available from September to November, […]

Topsoil and Mother Earth

The earth, with the oceans, is probably the most precious resource on earth. It is the source of all terrestrial life and plays an important role in the regularization of the balance on the planet. Complex, vulnerable and rare, it is increasingly threatened, especially by improper agricultural practices. We believe that everyone has the power to turn the tide, to […]

Die Europäische Union erlaubt den Verkauf von Bio-Saatgut durch Landwirte!

Nach Jahren des Kampfes sind die Befürworter der Biodiversität endlich zufrieden. Von nun an können Landwirte (sofern sie über eine Bio-Zertifizierung verfügen) Saatgut aus ihrer eigenen Produktion ganz legal verkaufen. Bisher durfte nur das Saatgut legal vermarktet werden, das im offiziellen Katalog aufgeführt war. Auffällig ist, dass das meiste Saatgut, welches in diesem Katalog verzeichnet ist, von großen multinationalen Unternehmen […]

Long live the Durian!

Fans of this legendary fruit know this well. It is in May, when it is in full season, that its aromas reach their full development and an incomparable intensity. Moreover, thanks to the hulling carried out in Thailand, the elements of less quality are removed, and only the parts chosen for their aroma and their maturity are dispatched, in order […]

Palm nectar, an exquisite taste!

Palm nectar has been harvested since the dawn of time. The Babylonians already appreciated it as early as the fifth millennium BC. Quickly enriched in alcohol, it is especially at the stage of “palm wine” that it is consumed in the tropics. Orkos palm nectar is the nectar of Palmyra palm, and comes from Indonesia. To harvest it, an incision […]

Nature in the service of humans?

Since humans are humans, they constantly adapt their environment for ever greater safety or comfort. But insidiously, this ever-increasing mastery of Nature has also modified his perception of it. Humans no longer see themselves as a part of the Whole, as a temporary and fragile expression of a multiform and infinitely changing Nature, which constantly dies and is reborn in […]

Give up chemistry to save insects, plants and the health of our children.

Since the end of the First World War, plant diversity in Europe has been decreasing at a dizzying rate. The same is true for insects: every year, hundreds of species disappear from our landscapes. As everyone knows, there is a close interdependence between pollinating insects and flowering plants. The decline of one of the two members of this symbiosis inevitably […]

Germination: An unexpected source of life!

Sprouted seeds are a healthy food, cheap and available all year round. Their nutritional profile also surpasses that of virtually all foods. For long-distance sailors, for whom they are particularly appreciated, they are a space-saving, easy to preserve food that provides an unlimited supply of fresh food, rich in vitamins and minerals. The preparation of germinated seeds is simple and […]